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Welcome Warrior Mother!

It is so great to have you here, wonderful one.

I know you’re here to seek the truth and stand in your power as a mother, in order to help your sensitive child find their highest potential.  And through doing so, you are open to healing yourself in the process.

You might have come here in relation to any or all of the ‘blocks’ that our sensitive children can have in reaching their potential:

  • food – lack of nutrients from fussy eating and/or food sensitivities
  • toxins – the toxins that are in, on and around our children
  • emotions – the emotions that may be unexpressed or the stresses of others they absorb

My Sensitive Child Healing and Thriving Triad can help you to unlock your child’s best health and development, but also their amazing intuitive gifts they have brought here to help the Earth.

I’m Heidi Hosking.  I have extensive experience in working with the New Children.   I mentor mothers to firstly heal their children and by doing so to find their voice and power as a mother.  By doing so, they create their vibrant and abundant family.

More about me here.

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So if you’re ready to get started in creating your vibrant children, take a look around.  I would love to help you!

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And if you need some direction on your next best steps for your child around fussy eating or food sensitivities or just getting your child to vibrancy, take a look at my Learning Studio with freebies and other learnings!

x Heidi

Testimonials from Mums who have gone before you

We first came to work with Heidi because our son was eating very little and few foods, and every meal time was a battle. We were at a complete loss at what to do.  Now I can’t keep up with how much food he’s eating…and the variety.  I feel like at any point in the day I can make him something that is really healthy and he won’t refuse it.  And our best ‘win’ was the ability to have happy and stress-free mealtimes! As a family we have learnt so much about fussy eating, food intolerances, menu ideas and improving immunity.

The program exceeded our expectations and was certainly worth the cost and commitment.


Mum of sensitive 2yo son

“From the very beginning I was able to connect with Heidi.  She knew exactly where I was coming from and I felt so trusted in her and that she would know the right way to help us find our path.

It didn’t matter what I threw at her, Heidi had been through it already and that made me feel at ease confiding in her, knowing that there would be no judgement.  Most importantly Heidi helped me find the confidence to trust my instincts with my kids, to go with my gut feeling and believe that I knew them best, because it’s true!

We weren’t convinced when told by Drs that this was it in regards to our son, then 5 months old, and I knew in my heart that there was more to it than ‘some kids just don’t eat’.  I could not face a future of feeding tubes and seeing and feeling that Sonny was still not living to his full potential. 

Heidi helped me see things differently.  And it worked.  Within weeks Sonny was eating real food, and enjoying it.

We worked towards a life without a nasogastric tube for Sonny and we got there.  There was even time left in our 6 month program with Heidi to work on getting our fussy 4 year old son to enjoy more foods.  We explored the links between food and behaviours as well.

Honestly, the amount of knowledge Heidi has blows me away.  I admire her passion and drive to give all children a more vibrant life, and I am so thankful to have crossed paths with her and for helping me give that to my own children.”  Emma


mum of 4 sensitive children

Podcasts who have interviewed me!

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